Meisterkurse: Weilerstein, Becker-Bender, Wegrzyn, Amoyal

During the summer, Leo­nard Fu will take part in seve­ral master­classes. From July 25th to 30th, the class of Do­nald Wei­ler­stein takes place at Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival - the final con­cert of this class in Lü­beck on July 30th is open for lis­te­ners. Another class with Tanja Becker-Bender at Allegro Vivo Festival in Horn (Austria) is planned for August 5th to 12th. From there, Leonard will travel directly to Krzysztof Wegrzyn and Pierre Amoyal, who teach from August 13th to 27th at the International Holland Music Sessions (TIHMS).